I saw an interview of Mr. Devrukhkar on TV and came to know about treatment for joint pain. I visited Dombivli clinic and as per the doctor's advice on 28th April I started the treatment. The staff maintains a daily report of the result of each therapy. The therapies along with medicines gave me good results. The swelling reduced and the joint crepitus also reduced. I haven't even completed my course and already have got 80-90% relief now. All the staff is adorable, calm and friendly.
Alka Kamble (Dombivali clinic)

Treatment taken in Chikittsa gave me much relief from pain. I had left knee pain for 7-8 years. I took treatment in several hospitals for the same but I did not get any relief. After starting treatment in Chikittsa I was gradually relieved from my pain which was most important thing for me. Doctor also guided me very nicely. Now I can walk easily and my movements are far better than before. I am very happy now and all credit goes to Chikittsa.
Patient speak from nigdi clinic

I came to know about Chikittsa through my mother who watched their programmes on TV. I found that the doctors at Chikittsa were able to pin point the source of my neck pain. Consultation with Mr. Devrukhkar identified even further effected areas. The treatment that was provided did help in pain relief immediately. I am excited to see the benefits in the long run.The staff doctors and therapist are very warm cordial. Even though l started the treatment in Dadar clinic, when I told them I was going to be in Pune for a while they happily accommodated me for some sessions in their clinic there.
Kshiteej Bhonsle (Dadar Clinic)

I started treatment at Chikittsa in September 2013. Before that I could not walk stand sit properly and had no stamina. Now I can walk properly as my knee pain has reduced by 75 %I recovered my stamina as well.I like to visit here it seems like a family to me.Thank you Chikittsa.

Suchitra Samant

I had pain in my hand, neck and back since 7-8 yrs.MRI detected spondylosis and a gap in my spine. This has been shown in the MRI. Painkillers only gave me temporary relief. I decided to visit the Chikittsa Thane centre. I found a great difference after undergoing treatment. Within 1 month I experienced 80-90% #relief. Now I can perform the daily
Meera Gawli. (Thane Clinic)

I was undergoing therapy at Chikittsa .To my surprise and benefit it turned out the best for me. My knee pain and back pain is almost gone 90 %. Thanks to Chikittsa and special thanks to Chikittsa staff.

Seema Shende (Pune Clinic)

Hello, I live in Kalyan. My college is at Dombivli. Once while getting down from train, I fell down hurt my knee. I got only temporary relief by medicines from pain. When I came to Chikittsa I couldn't walk properly. After starting the treatment over here I got 70% relief within 15-20 days. The ambience over here is very nice. Even this is the reason for my relief. Thank you Chikittsa!
Samrudhi Sutale (Dombivali Clinic)

My mother, she had been taking treatment at Chikittsa for quite a long time and told me about them. I was suffering from severe muscle spasm for almost 8 months and medication was not helping. Within 4 treatments at Chikittsa I could feel a lot of improvement. My pain had reduced a lot. I am also very happy with the doctors' guidance and the services l get here.
Akshata Gaikwad

Before coming to Chikittsa I had severe pain in neck and low back. My pain was unbearable. After consulting I started treatment immediately. After starting treatment I have 75% relief from all my pains. Staff is always very cooperative and with smiles on their faces. This actually gives positivity. Previously I was not able to sit even but now I am able to do all work with much more ease.
Shobha Shitole

I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since 15 yrs! Terrible knee joint pain, swelling, neck pain and stiffness in body. I took allopathy treatment for for this but had no relief so I went for knee replacement. But still I had no relief in pain. Finally I thought of doing external treatments at Chikittsa. And now I have almost 70 % relief and I am very happy. I am very thankful to Chikittsa.
Parwati Jawalkar (Pune clinic)

I have been taking treatment at Chikittsa for the past 3 months. I have seen 60 percent improvement in me. I still have a little neck pain and knee pain. But this also will go as doctor has said to take 1 month treatment more. Thank you Chikittsa.

Rajashree Patil (Borivali Clinic)