Exercises For Neckpain:-
Basically there are Two Types of exercises for Neckpain

1. Range Of Motion Exercises For Neckpain :- These Are all the exercises where patient is moving his/her neck in the following directions in Pain free range.

2. Isometric(Strengthening )Exercises For NeckPain :- These are all Execises Where patient is Giving force in opposite direction of Neck Movements in order to Increase the strength of Neck Muscles.


Exercises for low back :-


Exercises For Knee Pain:-

1.Hamstring Stretch:- Stretching Improves Joint Range Of Motion and Loosens The Tightened Fascias.

2. Straight Leg Raising :- Built The muscle strength and Support the weak Joints.

3. Static (Isometrics) Knee :- This Type Of Exercise is to increase the Strength of Knee Joint Muscles.

4. Seated Hip March :- Strengthen The thighs and Hip muscles.

5. Adductor Strengthening :- Is Done To increase the strength of Adductor Muscles in order to prevent the bow leg Deformity.

6. Sit To Stand :- This Type Of Exercise is for Both Purpose i.e for increasing Range of Motion as well as for increasing Strength of Muscles.

7. One Leg Stance :- This Type Of exercise is specially designed for improving patients balance in order to make stair climbing as well as walking easy .

8. Calf Stretch :- This type of Stretching is also for reducing pain and Preventing Joint Deformities .