Key People

Mr. Ramakant Devrukhkar

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Ramakant Devrukhkar has spent nearly 30 years alleviating pain and disease in people from all walks of life. Mr.Ramakant Devrukhkar had an aim to bring awareness amongst the society about wellness to treat the illness without any kind of side effect .It has been his belief that 'BAHYOPCHAR is truly a boon to mankind'.
He kept struggling to get in the best combination of therapies thus; he travelled across the globe and studied alternative medicine from the masters of their respective field. His dream came true and finally his stepping stone to success started with the establishment of CHIKITTSA WELLNESS MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD.

Dr. V. C. Bawane


Dr. V. C.Bawane is a prolific speaker and a well-known authority on Ayurveda medicine. Many of his research papers on Ayurveda have been appreciated and acknowledged by the Ayurvedic Council. At Chikittsa he heads the overall clinical operations and plays vital role in Training, Reserach & Product development.
He is a Divisional Secretary of National Integrated Medical Association, Maharashtra State branch & Secretary NIMA Thane branch.
His research on “Male infertility & Vajikaran” is published in form of a book named “Management of Asthenozoospermia with Ayurveda” from Germany.

Awards & Achievement
  »  “Tathagat International Excellence Award”, Malaysia.
  »  International Excellence Award for Teaching “Vaghbhat Award”, Las Vegas, USA.

Dr.Akshara Ramakant Devrukhkar


Since her childhood she saw her father practicing holistic wellness and treating patients without any side effects and hence decided to have a carrier in which she could give relief to patients in a holistic way and hence decided to pursue Ayurveda. While she was studying, she also observed the results of various alternative therapies practiced by her father, and then under took training in those therapies after completing her BAMS. She then has the desire to fulfill her father's dream of promoting and practicing holistic wellness.