Core Purpose

To promote and practice holistic wellness.


» Caring
» Learning
» Take Charge
» Teamwork
» Out of box thinking

Our Goal

We Will become the Hub for wellness across India and will be known for creating a healthy ambience across the country, reaching out to all class of people and will be a 500 Crore Valued company by the year 2024.

Vivid Description

1. Chikitsa Clinic would have conquered the wellness industry, single-handedly taking the responsibility of providing wellness to all class of people , it      would be a 500 Crore valued Company.

2. We would be successfully running five in-house health resorts in india and one abroad, we would also have 200 clinics across the globe.

3. By then, Chikittsa will be manufacturing trained therapists, in over 500 training self owned centres which would have spread across the countries.

4. We would have created "Chikittsa Faith Club" for the entire Ecosystem.

5. Chikittsa will be under constant media exposure, where-in news channels and newspapers will pursue them for new developments in the wellnes      industry.

6. Our Company will also get into pharmaceutical industry, where-in they'll exclusively provide wellness related medicine and product. Apart from that      we will be into restaurants and we will be making documentaries on wellness, and contribute towards the aesthetics at the same time.

7. Chikittsa will enjoy the status of that of a Corporate Giant, and would have tied up with MNCs and people will be investing in our company. We would      also have a magazine running and also we will be distributing awards of recognition in the wellness industry.

8. We will play a big role in enhancing the image of wellness industry, such that Insurance polices and medi-claims will be applicable to wellness      treatments.

9. We will have and NGO for the underprivileged, pertaining to free wellness treatment for those who can't avail it.

10. We'll run different camps at different areas for spreading wellness awareness throughout the globe.

11. Chikittsa will have a wellness center dedicated to the premium crowd with would be class apart and luxurious.

12. By then, we would have created wellness Gyms and fitness centers across India. People of all ages will be comfortable to join our gyms.

13. we will have at least 100 Weight Management center across India with full-proven healthy weight loss, gain and maintenance techniques will be        available.

14. Our Corporate office will be located at Singapore, and every employee will be living above average with a house, car and education for kids secured.